Upcoming Events

Biweekly Fightcade - Fatal Fury Special

3/25/2021 9 PM ET

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Biweekly Fight of Animals (Steam)

3/26/2021 9 PM ET

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NBN EX: BLIND FURY - Samsho VSP Nuzlocke

4/2/2021 9 PM ET


About Us
Who we are and where to find us.

Code of Conduct & infraction list
Applies to all NBN sanctioned events.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q & A for Players & Viewers.

Online Play Guidelines
Read about how we handle connections.

About Us

NOTHIN' BUT NETPLAY is a modern online fighting game tournament label designed to provide an authentic competitive experience. NBN's format is biweekly consisting of 3 games per week. Our staple lineup is:
Fight of Animals on Steam, in collaboration with Digital CrafterBiweekly Rotation on Fightcade, ranging from Art of Fighting to Street Fighter & beyond!Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code on Community EditionIn between we diversify our lineup with unique tournaments across fighting eras & platforms. Keep an eye on our monthly calendar!

Want to promote your brand with NBN? - We offer stream sponsorships for pot bonus contributions & are open to all kinds of collaborations.

Looking for commentary opportunities? - We love to help grow grassroots talent in the FGC.

Please contact @shiburizu to discuss any of the above!

Code of Conduct

We adopt a modified version of the Fighting Game Code of Conduct. You can read more about it and see the full document on the official project website.

CODE OF CONDUCT. This is the Fighting Game Community Code of Conduct, a set of rules to promote better behavior in the fighting game community as agreed upon by the FGC event organizers, tournament organizers, online chat server coordinators, web platform providers, broadcasters, game rights holders, and other community leaders named below, which we’re calling the Signatories. This Code of Conduct will be governed by a so-called Governing Body tasked with creating, enforcing, and updating both this Code of Conduct and its own rules.APPLICATION. This Code of Conduct applies to and against all the people we’re calling Participants: attendees, users, players, tournament organizers, event organizers, staff, volunteers, owners, sponsors, advertisers, Signatories, and anyone else who attends, operates, or uses any in-person or online events or spaces run by any Signatories, which we’re calling Signatory Spaces. The Signatories will enforce this Code of Conduct in Signatory Spaces and will abide by any other disciplinary actions taken by the Governing Body.RESPONSIBILITY. All Participants will be personally responsible for familiarizing themselves with this Code of Conduct. The Signatories will be responsible for promoting it and posting it in easily noticeable places, but this Code of Conduct will apply to all Participants regardless of whether they’ve actually read it.
INCLUSIVITY. This Code of Conduct is intended to make the FGC a safe experience characterized by Inclusivity in which everyone feels welcomed regardless of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, neurodiversity, body size, pregnancy or maternity, citizenship, or any other personal characteristics.INTEGRITY. This Code of Conduct is intended to maintain and build integrity in the FGC through consistent and diverse leadership, fair tournament operations, and equitable Signatory Spaces.AUTHENTICITY. This Code of Conduct is intended to pursue the above goals of Inclusivity and Integrity while preserving Authenticity in the FGC’s unique feel, exciting fun, trash-talking spirit, and dedication to competition.
LIST OF VIOLATIONS. Behavior that may violate this Code of Conduct includes:
Engaging in assault, battery, or physical harassment or abuse.Engaging in physical contact with any other person without their consent.
Engaging in malicious bullying, baiting, trolling, or other verbal harassment or abuse that rises to a level beyond commonly accepted FGC trash talking.Using or threatening to use a deadly or dangerous weapon except in reasonable defensive situations.Pestering or stalking any other person or otherwise not respecting any other person’s reasonable desire to be left alone.Taking photographs of or recording any other person without either their consent or Signatory authorization.Engaging in discriminatory or hateful statements or behavior, including any based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, sex, sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, neurodiversity, body size, or any other personal characteristics.Intentionally outing any other person’s sexual orientation, gender, or other identity without their consent.Neglecting personal hygiene to the point of creating a nuisance.Disclosing confidential information or media, doxxing or sharing any personally identifiable information, or violating any other person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.DDOSing, swatting, spreading malware, phishing, hacking into any other person’s accounts, or otherwise scamming any other person.Maliciously abusing power over any other person.Intentionally entering off-limit areas in Signatory Spaces.Intentionally, recklessly, or negligently damaging, tampering with, or interfering with any Signatory Space or venue property or platform, tournament equipment, network connectivity, or any other person’s equipment or possessions.Engaging in fraud, impersonation, intentional hiding of one’s identity, or defamatory statements or behavior.Tampering with a tournament, fixing any match or bracket, colluding, entering multiple times in a single tournament, substituting or being substituted for any other player mid-tournament or without good faith permission from the organizer, using disallowed game code exploits, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct or violations of commonly accepted FGC tournament etiquette.Stealing, misappropriating, mishandling, or misrepresenting the amounts or uses of entry fees, prize pots, hotel or other lodging fees, viewer or other donations, or any other person’s moneyIntentionally causing fear or distress in any other person.Engaging in any illegal activity or unauthorized infringement of any other person’s rights.Engaging in any violations while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Failing to abide by any applicable Third Party Rules.Advocating for, encouraging, being an accomplice to, or threatening to engage in any potential violations.Evading or attempting to evade any disciplinary action taken under this Code of Conduct.OTHER VIOLATIONS. This list of violations isn’t exhaustive. Any other behavior that violates commonly accepted FGC standards or norms or that goes against any of the Objectives may violate this Code of Conduct as well.
POTENTIAL OUTCOMES. Decisions relating to this Code of Conduct may include but are not limited to warnings, refusals of entry or use, disqualifications, suspensions, bans, prize forfeitures, referrals to venue security or platform administrators, referrals to law enforcement or other authorities, community boycotts, and so on. Participants who receive disciplinary action under this Code of Conduct will not be entitled to any refunds or repayments.CRITERIA. Decisions regarding violations of this Code of Conduct will be made with the following things in mind:OBJECTIVES. Disciplinary decisions under this Code of Conduct will be guided by the spirit of the Objectives listed above.LOCATION. Disciplinary action under this Code of Conduct can be taken regardless of where violations take place, including not just in Signatory Spaces but also in venue areas, hotel rooms, private homes, bars and clubs, social media, public chat platforms, other websites, and so on, with the exception that the Governing Body will not accept or make decisions based solely on private communications like text messages or direct messages to avoid potential privacy law issues and other legal problems.TIME. Because the violations prohibited by this Code of Conduct were already obviously bad, and because the goal of this Code of Conduct is to protect Participants now and in the future, Participants may be subject to disciplinary action under this Code of Conduct for violations committed before this Code of Conduct was first adopted if those violations suggest that the Participants may be likely to continue to engage in more violations in the future.STANDARDS. This Code of Conduct doesn’t replace the legal system and can’t produce decisions as severe as those of the legal system, so it isn’t bound by the same processes, standards of proof, or rules of evidence that would apply in a court of law. Decisions will be based on the facts of each case, including any reports, investigations, patterns of behavior, future likelihood of more violations, and any other information or processes that the decision makers find appropriate.CONSISTENCY. Disciplinary action under this Code of Conduct is intended to be consistent and foreseeable enough that Participants who violate this Code of Conduct should expect to face consequences. That said, since no two situations are the same, the decision makers will have broad leeway and will strive to fit each of their decisions to the unique facts of each case.CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. When any person who would normally participate in investigations or disciplinary decisions as a member of the Governing Body is confronted with issues concerning their close friends, family members, romantic or sexual partners, and business partners, they will withdraw themselves from having any decision making role in that case to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Infraction list

Date: 11/14/20Infraction: Engaging in discriminatory or hateful statements or behavior sex, sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity.Penalty: Permanent ban from NBN-sanctioned events.

Marco Polo
Date: 3/17/21Infraction: Tournament or match tampering. Based on information provided by SNK FGC community in this document.Penalty: Ban from NBN-sanctioned events until such time that SNK community leaders mentioned in the above document feel it should be rescinded.

Online play guidelines

Nothin' But Netplay events require stable wired connections by default. Organizers will investigate players who are reported to have network interruptions with various sources such as:
In-game network display information.Ping test results submitted by the reported player.Any other tools available to organizers for specific games or formats.If situations arise where a reported player is allegedly using wired connection but clearly displays regular network interruption our organizers reserve the right to disqualify players.

Frequently asked questions

Player FAQ:
How do I sign up? - NBN events always provide a Challonge signup link. Check our homepage for updates or ask in our Discord.Can I participate on WiFi? - No. (Unless the game offers a jitter indicator, which would only apply to Skullgirls or Them's Fighting Herds. Consult the event rules.)What regions can enter? - Our general geographic target for biweekly tournaments is The Americas & European Union regions. Limited events may use a smaller (or wider!) area, so you should read the rules for any game event before signups.Are there entry fees? - Our biweekly tournaments are FREE ENTRY, but we may charge buy-ins on limited events.What's a Code of Conduct? - A social contract you agree to when you sign up to our tournaments. If you come into violation of the Code of Conduct you may be temporarily or permanently banned from participating in NBN.Viewer FAQ:
Where do I watch NBN events? - We typically stream on Shiburizu's Twitch channel but you may find unique streams for different tournaments. Our homepage will list the stream!Where do you upload VODs & replays? - We upload all of our tournament footage to the GBL YouTube channel.Can I contribute pot bonuses? - We always offer Matcherino pages with our biweekly episodes & most competitive events. Please visit the link or use !matcherino in the stream chat for the link & you can donate for FREE or directly!